Frozen Chicago Pizza Shipped Nationwide

Everything you need to know about the Original Recipe Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Can I ship pizza to a P.O. Box?

No, we cannot ship to a P.O. Box because this is a frozen food product. It must be shipped to a business or residence directly.

How big is this pizza?

10" diameter and 3" thick!

How many people does a pizza feed?

A single 10" deepdish pizza will feed between 2-4 people.

How fast will my pizza arrive?
Click Here to see our shipping schedule. Most orders are received within two days.
How will my pizzas arrive?

Our Pizzas are stored and shipped in insulated coolers with ice packs. For best results the Original '43 pizza should be stored and cooked from frozen.

Can I ship outside the United States?

Shipping in the continental United States is included. If you wish to send to a destination outside of the continental United States please contact customer service.


No, Uno Gift Cards can be used for Dine-In and Take-Out at all Uno restaurant locations in the U.S. However, they cannot be used for the pizzas we ship from this site.